Plot Allotment Procedure of Purbachal Probashi Palli
That a client (or clients) can book a plot/flat/commercial space/ shop (here in mentioned as property) according to his/her choice and that it is subject to availability.
That two copies of passport size photographs shall be attached with the company’s prescribed BOOKING FORM at the time of agreement and two copies passport size photographs of the nominee should be also submitted.
That a client purchasing a property by one time full payment shall clear the payment in full before signing the agreement between the client and the ………………………………. (Here in mentioned as company) and for the client who would buy the property in installments have to clear the down payment before such agreement.
That the allotment can not be cancelled once the payment is made for at a time payment sale and the down payment for the installment sale as per offers by the company at different times for the sale of plot/flat/commercial space/shop. However, the client may apply to the company for selling the same property to another client. It is mentioned that if the same property is sold to another client then the allottee shall have to pay a transfer fee per katha/unit to the company at the rate per katha/unit decided by the company.
That price of any property shall be fixed as per the fee chart published by the company. It is to be mentioned here that the company reserves the right to change the price at any time, as for example, the company may offer different special price(s) at different times. However, once a property is booked its price shall not be changed under any circumstances.
That all payments shall be made in favour of………………………………………………………
In the form of CASH/CHEQUE/BANK DRAFT/PAY ORDER. The client should collect the money receipt from the company after any payment.
That the client from abroad can pay the equivalent sum of money in foreign currency through TT or BANK DRAFT in favour of the company’s account.
That the central electricity and gas connectivity will be arranged by the company in association with the concerned govt. authorities and that all clients will bear the costs of these connections proportionately per katha/unit. And that each client will take connection to his/her property from the central lines at his/her own cost.
That all costs related to the registration and hand over including the stamp duty of the deed, registration, VAT, documentation charges and other miscellaneous costs have to be paid by the clients. And that the total cost of the property will be adjusted at the time of registration if the actual area of the property is more or less than the agreement.
That the client shall use the allotted property for specific purpose only; and he/she shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the company and the government for the development of the property.
That the property will be handed over as per the agreement. However, the client shall accept the delay caused by any political, natural, or artificial crisis. And that the client must abide by the বেসরকারী আবাসিক প্রকল্পে f~wg উন্নয়ন বিধিমালা -২০০৪, ধারা-৬, উপধারা-ক.
That in case of any dishonored cheque against the booking money or down payment, the client shall pay the due amount within 7 (seven) days of notification sent by the company and that a penalty of Tk. 5000/=(Five Thousand) only will have to be paid by the client for such dishonor of any cheque. In case of failure of the payment in time the agreement/allotment will be cancelled.
That in case of non-payment of any part of the booking money for plot/flat/commercial space/shop within the date mentioned in the booking form, the booking will be automatically cancelled without any notice.
That if Rajuk or the company causes any change or enlargement in the lay-out plan of the project then the number of the plot/property may be altered and that the client shall be liable to consider it for the greater interest of the project.
That if any client is delayed in making payment of monthly installment for two months consecutively, then he or she has to pay it with a monthly interest at the rate of 10% on such installment for the delayed period. (Ref: ধারা-১৪, উপধারা-৪, রিয়েল এষ্টেট উন্নয়ন ও ব্যবস্থাপনা আইন, ২০১০).
If any client fails to deposit three installments consecutively, his or her allotments will be considered as cancelled (Real Estate Development & Management Act 2010, Section-14, Sub-section-4). In that case company will resell the plot to another client and after deduction of booking money and 6% service charge from rest of the amount and company will refund.
Booking money cannot be returned or adjust at any stage of payment.
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