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Fill up the selected form of the company, write name by own hand in one copy passport size photo and sign, cheque / bank draft / pay order of 10,000 Tk. Per katha shall be sub-mitted in the name of the company. After getting down payment, primary allocation paper will be given.
Every projection should be in favor of Probashi palli River View Ltd. Through pay order/cheque/ bank draft. No transaction will taka place without the permission of the company’s management.
Non-residential Bangladeshi’s / Foreign citizens can pay in same foreign currencies through T.T / Bank draft. Those foreign currencies can be converted by Tofsile Bank.
Plot will be allocated on the basis of "first come first serve".
Company will not be responsibal if there will be any natural disaster, political instability, strike as will as other uncontrollable situation.
Due to any unforeseeable reason, Probashi Palli River Viver View Ltd. Will change or cancel any part of the project. In that case authority will refund the money within 90 days after cancelling the project. In this situation customers cannot claim for any demurrage.
Probashi Palli River View Ltd. Authority can change the layout of the project.
Customers will pay the stamp duty, registration fee, vat, documentation charge and other charges. In the time of plot hand over, if the size will be discrepant the price will be adjusted will the total value.
After getting the allocation and giving booking mney if any applicants is not interested to buy plot and wants to get money back; then based on customers application, deposit money will be refunded. It there are any promotion activites in the selling time, the money will be adjusted will the given mone. After allocation of the plot, if continuously three months installment is due, authority has the right to cancel plot allocation.
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